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Rad Comm RC4138 Rail System installed at the SSI Steel Plant in Redcar

Rad Comm RC4138 Rail System

Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) are recommissioning the blast furnace at their Redcar plant. As part of this process, they have built a new scrap bay area that will mainly be fed by scrap coming in by rail.

To protect against radioactive sources entering the steel plant, MMH has supplied a Rad Comm 138 litre enhanced railway radiation detection system with full network capability. The detection system utilises advanced technology and is extremely sensitive to low level radiation emissions from moving rail cargo, regardless of the severe changes in background caused by varying scrap and waste densities.

Rad Comm systems are installed at steel plants and scrap yards world wide. Do not hesitate to contact us to supply a system to protect your yard.

Dalton Recycling take delivery of a Rad Comm radiation detection system

MMH has recently supplied a Rad Com RC2069 System to Dalton Recycling in Edinburgh. As this yard will be the location for their new shredder operation, it needs to be safe from radioactive materials entering the yard.


Who else but to choose Rad Com Systems - used by more and more scrap metal recyclers in the UK and world wide.

Rad Comm supply radiation detection systems for conveyors

The Conveyor Belt Radiation detection system provides an extremely high degree of protection for the reliable detection of low-level radioactive material. There are a number of reasons why a conveyor belt radiation detection system is an excellent safe guard for the detection of radioactive material, the face of the detector is in close proximity to the material being monitored, the material density below the detector is relatively low, the measured background radiation levels are low and stable, and there is sufficient time to scan even the smallest piece of radioactive material as it passes by the face of the detector.

MMH recently supplied a conveyor system to Independent Scrap Ltd, which is located in East London.

Below is a photo of a system using one panel.


Rad Comm Radiation Detection Systems are catching radiation sources missed by other systems used at the Port Authority of Rotterdam

A recent news report in The Netherlands was carried out showing that contaminated scrap loads were getting through other systems used at the Port, but were being picked up at leading Dutch Scrap Giant Jewometals BV using Rad Comm Radiation Detection Systems.

Hawkeswood has Rad Comm System installed

MMH recently supplied Midlands scrap processor Hawkeswood Metal Recycling with a Rad Comm RC4000 weighbridge radiation system.

14-04-10_1413.jpg 14-04-10_1415.jpg 14-04-10_1416.jpg

Hawkeswood, who are operating their new shredder in this yard, are now able to monitor closely incoming feeder scrap for any source of radiation. They will also monitor processed material being exported world wide.


J.Watson & Son, Staffordshire purchase Rad Comm Radiation Detection Equipment


An essential tool to have in every scrap metal yard is a Rad Comm Portable for detecting radioactive material. The RC2 is designed for the metals industry and is fully automatic, highly sensitive and easy to use in containers or vehicles that may contain radioactive materials, or to verify or separate radioactive materials that have triggered an alarm on a large scale radiation detection system.

The Portable contains a state of the art microprocessor and internal circuitry designed to automatically set the lowest achievable alarm level and to continuously monitor to maintain an optimum performance.

Rad Comm Upgrade at Ron Hull Jr. Rotherham

Ron Hull Jr recently upgraded their Rad Comm weighbridge system to the RC4000 series. With the very latest software, the system is able to provide an extremely high degree of detection capability for a wide range of radioactive elements commonly associated with scrap metal.


The RC4000 series consists of 1 to 7 panels in the detector assemblies, is supplied with a user-friendly Windows-based PC, large touch screen monitor, improved supervisory control, and remote maintenance access.

Radiation Detection System for All Metal Recovery, Birmingham

Metal Processor AMR purchased the Rad Comm RC4069 vehicle radiation detection system for their weighbridge so they will be able to pick up any unexpected radiation source in scrap.


The system is designed to detect radioactivity contained in a moving vehicle loaded with scrap material. The RC4000 Series incorporates state-of-the-art components and the most advanced software/hardware currently available.


Other Rad Comm systems that have recently been installed are at Metal And Waste in London, Concord Metals and Padarosa Metals in Scotland.

RadComm Radiation detection systems favoured by most scrap yards

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RadComm Radiation Detection Systems are becoming the norm for all scrap yards, not just in the UK but around the world.

MMH works closely with its partner RadComm Europe to supply our customers with these sophisticated systems, which are designed to detect all forms of radiation in scrap metals.

Having such a system in the yard, whether it's a weighbridge or grapple model, allows our customers to give assurance that their processed material is clean before it is shipped on to steel mills or other destinations.